Vivo V23e

Vivo 53s

Vivo v23e

Release 4 january 2022
Display 6.44 inches
Vivo 53s

Vivo V23e is one of the best device. It launched in 2022 with numerious features which was very eye catching for the customers. 

It has a great customer user experience and has a good reviews. For repairing purpose its parts are present both in local market and company. 

Both have different prices of parts and both have different services.

 Company offers almost all its important parts but deny to offer some small parts like Sim Jacket etc. 

On the other hand local market lacks some of main components but offers small one. 

Pakistan mobile has complete control over all that issue and they serve their customer with this.

Display & Screens for Vivo V23e
VY53S 8 Pakistan Mobile January 25, 2023 VIVO V23e
Vivo LCD with Touch Screen spare parts
LCD With Touch Screen
Its Size 6.44 inches and its Resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels. Its only available in Company and Pakistan mobile will provide it from the company end. Its Company Price is Rs,10300.

Company Price

Parts and Accessories
Vivo S1
Main Board
The 8/128gb Mainboard is only given by the company and not present by the local market. It has a price of Rs,30000 and if any customer has an issue with a mainboard. Pakistan mobile will resolve that from the company end. 
The motherboard of your phone is a force to be reckoned with; it's welded with a few smaller-than-usual pieces that are responsible for and control the operation of several workouts on your device.

Company Price

Vivo S1
Vivo V23e Battery has a capacity of 4050 mAh. The battery has been equipped with the vivo standard charger (power adapter). It has been offered by both the local market and company. 
Local market has price of Rs.3800 and Company Price is Rs.1800. Pakistan mobile give both services whether a customer would like to replace it by company or get the service of the local market. We are there for you.

Local Price


Company Price

Rs, 3800
Vivo front-camera spare parts
Front Camera
Vivo V23e Front Camera has an ability of 44-megapixel (f/2.0). It's only offered by the company. Its company price is Rs.3700.

Company Price

Rear main camera
Rear Main Camera
Vivo V23e main camera has an ability of 50 MP, f/1.8 + 8 MP, f/2.2 + 2 MP, f/2.4. Its company price is Rs.4900

Company Price

USB Cabble
USB Cable
USB Cable is available in both the local market and the company. Company price is Rs,1400 and local market price is Rs,300.

Local Price

Rs ,300

Company Price

Vivo S1
Power Adapter
V23e is equipped with vivo standard charger (FlashCharge adapter 11V / 4A), and supports up to 44W.
Don’t forget the reverse charging function which turns your phone into a mobile power bank. It has a local price of Rs.550 and its company price is Rs.2000

Local Price

Rs ,550

Company Price


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