X5 Wireless Headset


X5 Wireless Headset

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X5 Wireless HeadsetHS X5 B Pakistan Mobile January 25, 2023 X5 Wireless Headset

The X5s  full-highlighted headset with a lightweight and reduced structure factor that is ideal for use on the go.

With cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.0 innovation and dual implicit batteries, the X5 Wireless-Headset provides up to 9 hours of battery life and features IPX5 water resistance for protection from sweat and the elements.X5 Wireless Headset

Ergonomic earpieces, four sizes of eartips, and removable earfins ensure a comfortable and secure fit that blocks out outside noise and stays comfortable all day. Advanced 10mm drivers bring music, films, games, and other media to life with enhanced bass and crystal clarity.X5 Wireless Headset

Lightweight aluminium earpieces have built-in magnets that keep the headphones out of the way when not in use X5 Wireless-Headset.


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