X1 Wireless Headset


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X1 Wireless Headset

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Everything changes. X1 reworks the Wireless Headsets guidelines, providing an exhibition you’ve never heard before in a super-small bundle. It was designed for all-day hands-free wear and comes in two styles: with earbuds or with an earhook.

X1 is a wireless sound system headset that transmits music as well as calls while providing superior voice quality and sound reduction. So, with foundation sound reduction, you can now enjoy incredible sound quality to both ends of the call.

The X1 Wireless Headset is outfitted with multi-point innovation, allowing it to connect to two phones at the same time.X1 Wireless Headset

  • Stereo is very convenient.

With the X1 Wireless Headset, you can stream and play music whenever you want. It easily fits in your ear and is ready to use!

  • Pairing of Multiple Points

Match up to two phones and you’ll be able to stream music or answer calls from both without having to un-pair and re-pair.

  • Voice in High Definition

The HD voice feature provides you with crystal clear sound quality; you will never be overly suppressed on the phone.X1 Wireless Headset


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