Wireless Headphones SOLO+(SL-600)SL 600HP Pakistan Mobile September 29, 2022 Wireless Headphones SOLO+(SL-600)

The Solo+ Wireless On-Ear Headphones allow you to listen to your favorite music from a distance with superb sound from an ultralight, ergonomic profile.

Allow yourself to be distracted from your phone and control your listening experience with convenient, on-ear mixed media controls and natural inclination dials of Wireless Headphones SOLO+(SL-600).

The top-of-the-line receiver in Wireless Headphones SOLO+(SL-600) provides completely clear quality while accepting approaching calls. When a call comes in, your music stops to allow you to talk.

These battery-powered earphones are truly designed for perfection, as they include an in-built Micro SD and FM Radio player.

  • Incredible Sound

Similar remote sound, with precise, strong bass and very clear vocals.Wireless Headphones SOLO+(SL-600)

  • Wired and Wireless

Continue to be turned off and enjoy remote tuning in with Solo+. If you run out of power, simply plug in for limitless wired tuning in.

  • Long-lasting battery

With a working time of up to 13 hours, there is no good reason for the music to stop.

  • FM + SD Card

Solo+ is the all-around bundle due to its small SD card capacity and FM radio transmission.Wireless Headphones SOLO+(SL-600)


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SL 600HP Pakistan Mobile September 29, 2022 Wireless Headphones SOLO+(SL-600) Wireless Headphones SOLO+(SL-6...