Storm Multimedia Speakers

  • Listening in a Different Way

In the comfort of your own home, listen to the studio-quality sound. The Storm 2.1 Wireless Multimedia Speakers [ST-970] feature remote innovation, allowing you to stream sound from your PC, mobile device, TV, or other BT-enabled devices with ease.Storm Multimedia Speakers

  • Big Sound, Perfect Bass

Increase the popularity of movies and music. The speaker’s 60W output appears out of nowhere – thrilling action sequences and favorite music songs have never sounded better. A storm achieves both visual excellence and outstanding sound thanks to its powerful subwoofer that delivers more lavish bass.


  • Playback via USB and SD

The Storm 2.1 Wireless Multimedia Speakers [ST-970] will play everything, no matter where you save your favourite tunes. Storm is equipped with USB and SD connectors, as well as an FM radio and aux capabilities.Storm Multimedia Speakers


  • Control With Ease

As you go about your day, you’ll have complete control over the structure. From a distance, adjust the sound settings or choose between FM, USB, SD, assistant, and Bluetooth inputs.Storm Multimedia Speakers


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Storm Multimedia Speakers Storm Multimedia Speakers