Spark Wireless LED Speaker

  • Sound with LED Light ShowSpark Wireless LED Speaker

Keep the music playing throughout the day (and evening). A sound quality that isn’t going to let you down. The LED light show on the Flash Wireless LED speaker highlights streaks in time with the music, creating a healthy and lively listening experience.


  • Onboard Controls And Built-in Mic

If you don’t want to use your phone to operate the speaker, it has on-board controls. When your speaker is close by but your phone isn’t, this phone comes with a built-in mouthpiece.Spark Wireless LED Speaker

  • Two-Way Simultaneous Technology

Create an outstanding encompass sound participation in TWS innovation for oneself. The Spark remote LED speaker will communicate with its friends and play music in perfect timing.Spark Wireless LED Speaker

  • Wireless Connectivity

Allowing strings to bind you is not a good idea. The speaker’s remote technology allows you to connect it to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices with ease! However, should the necessity arise, the Spark Wireless LED Speaker also has USB, aux link, and maybe TF card connectivity. Furthermore, it connects to an FM radio!

Spark Wireless LED Speaker

Spark Wireless LED Speaker


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Spark Wireless LED Speaker Spark Wireless LED Speaker