Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpods


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The Best Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpods

The Ronin Gamers Earpods are made for gamers who need to cut the cord and be free. We’ve crafted them with cutting edge design and state-of-the-art technology like 4 taps gaming mode and neon lights,Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpods

all to ensure you’re not wondering around the house looking for where you left those darn Bluetooth earpieces. Built with low latency and a custom 1-year warranty, we’ve got your back as well as your ears.Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpods

Case Battery Capacity: 420 mAh Earbud Battery Capacity.

: 40 mAh (As long as 4 hours persistent Gameplay).Ronin R-860 Gamers Earpods


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