Ronin R-14 Ambient Sound Handsfree


You Can Listen to Music Anywhere and at Any Time! You Can Carry It With You At All Times Because It Is Both Lightweight And Durable.

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Ronin R-14 Ambient Sound HandsfreeRonin R-14 Ambient Sound Handsfree

  • The Ronin R-14 Handsfree earphones are audiophile-grade earphones with high steadiness and solidity.
  • These Handsfree deliver a substantial and accurate sound with an amazingly responsive and distinctive bass, with a recurrence range of 10Hz – 50KHz.
  • The Ronin Handsfree are the appropriate ally for all of your endeavours, having been designed for both adventurers and everyday use. The Ronin R-14 Handsfree has excellent sound quality.Ronin R-14 Ambient Sound Handsfree


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