Rockstar+ Wireless Premier Headphones



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Rockstar+ Wireless Premier Headphones

  • Unparalleled Audio

With an illusory listening experience, you can channel your inner rockstar. The Rockstar+ Wireless Premier Headphones deliver powerful sound to music fans on the go. The oval-shaped earpieces and their smoothed-out feel are highlighted by calfskin earpads, which provide all-day comfort to the audience’s ears.RS 605HP Pakistan Mobile January 25, 2023 Rockstar+ Wireless Premier Headphones


Remote Control And Playback Control Have Been Installed


Using Rockstar’s built-in mic and remote, you can easily switch between calls and music while controlling volume.

  • Micro SD Card and FM Radio Included


These earphones, which have an in-built miniature SD and FM radio player, allow you to connect them to either an MP3 player or an FM radio player depending on your needs!Rockstar+ Wireless Premier Headphones

  • Auxiliary Input Mode

If the device you’re trying to connect to doesn’t support Bluetooth, an aux input mode is available when using a wired network.Rockstar+ Wireless Premier Headphones


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