Introduction of REX-15 (1.0 SPEAKER)

REX-15 (1.0 SPEAKER)

REX-15 (1.0 SPEAKER)

The speaker that is easy to use

The Audionic handy speaker Rex 15 is the farthest down the line expansion. At low and high levels, the crate molded speaker produces deep bass with little distortion. Its indestructible body, combined with a handle, makes it extremely useful and simple to use.

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It comes with a Lithium-powered battery in addition to the speaker’s perfect power sound. The BlueTune double-purpose speaker is built with a sophisticated red finish and a stunning combo light impact. The overall appearance gives it a party-in-a-box vibe. As the greatest Audionic Bluetooth speaker, Rex 15 is sure to wow you.

REX-15 (1.0 SPEAKER)

REX-15 (1.0 SPEAKER)


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download 48 Pakistan Mobile October 4, 2022 REX-15 (1.0 SPEAKER) REX-15 (1.0 SPEAKER)