R-920 Ultra Pro Wireless Earpods


R-920 Ultra Pro Wireless Earpods

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R-920 Ultra Pro Wireless Earpods

  • Ronin’s R-920 Ultra Pro Wireless Earpods super genius remote earbuds offer a light weighted buds that are acceptable to wear and make a secure fit while turning into your style explanation, in addition to an ergonomic plan.R-920 Ultra Pro Wireless Earpods


  • Unrivaled Bass: The R-920’s improved main bass makes it the first Bluetooth remote headphones with no restriction on sound idleness.


  • Sensor of Contact:
    Don’t bother pulling out your phone to play/pause your favourite music or use Siri/Google Assistant; just tap on your R-920 headphones.R-920 Ultra Pro Wireless Earpods


  • Ronin’s R-920 Bluetooth headphones come with a quick and compact charging case, making them more convenient and satisfying. It is functional as Bluetooth headphones, and its style and charging case make it a stylish addition.


  • Increased Music Time: The Ronin’s R-920 provides up to 3 hours of music time to its customers. Allowing you to enjoy using R-920 while keeping your favorite tunes on repeat.R-920 Ultra Pro Wireless Earpods


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