R-8800 Desktop Charger 8USB 10A


  • Plan for a non-slip mat

In order to avoid sliding when charging, use a slip cushion.

  • Indicator of a Driven Light

The driven light indicated whether or not your devices were charging

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R-8800 Desktop Charger 8USB 10A

  • Extremely powerfulR-8800 Desktop Charger 8USB 10A

8 ports deliver 50 watts of electricity, allowing for multi-gadget charging at the same time.

  • Chip is a genius.

As a result of the R-8800 Desktop Charger 8USB 10A  high velocity current result, you can match the optimal current plan for your gadgets to ensure safety while also saving time.R-8800 Desktop Charger 8USB 10A

  • Innovative and space-saving

Ideal for home and business because it has a little body but a lot of energy.

  • 3.0 Quick Charge

QC 3.0 allows for far faster charging than standard chargers.R-8800 Desktop Charger 8USB 10A



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