R-690 Wireless Ultra Pods



 R-690 Wireless Ultra Pods

  • Computerized limit marker with a drive: The LED advanced limit pointer supports you in checking the limit and using it appropriately.R-690 Wireless Ultra Pods
  • Long music duration: The Ronin’s R-690 provides up to six hours of continuous music time to its customers. R-690 allows you to enjoy lengthy walks or hikes while listening to your favourite music.R-690 Wireless Ultra Pods
  • Hello, Fi, how does your sound system sound? The R-690’s Hi-Fi sound system sound capacity makes it the best Bluetooth remote unit headphones with no limit on sound idleness.
  • Ronin’s R-690 Wireless Ultra Pods Bluetooth headphones come with a crisp and smaller charging case, making it more practical and adequate. It works well as Bluetooth headphones and comes with a charging case.R-690 Wireless Ultra Pods


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