R-615 Efficient Charger


  • Extremely powerful:

It is the toughest and most productive charger because of the sturdy and high-quality equipment. The R-615 is the ideal portable charger for clients that don’t have any problems.

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R-615 Efficient Charger

  • Charging at a high rate:

With a 2.4 Ampere limit, the Ronin R-615 Efficient Charger  with the most extreme yet safe range of speedy charging capacity.R-615 Efficient Charger

  • Auto ID protection:

The auto ID feature protects your device from overcharging and overheating by identifying it.

IOS and Android users will benefit from having two USB ports:R-615 Efficient Charger

Ronin introduces the R-615, which features a dual USB yield port and linkages that are compatible with all IOS, Android, Type-C, and lighting variations. Choose based on your needs and ease of use.

  • Rich strategy:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          R-615 has a very pleasing and rich pattern that will go well with your taste and work area design. Its design makes it a gorgeous contraption that performs its function well and pleasingly.R-615 Efficient Charger


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