R-411 Auto-ID Car Charger


R-411 Auto-ID Car Charger

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R-411 Auto-ID Car Charger 2.4A

  • Double Duty

Twin USB charging ports charge 2 mobile devices at the same time; without sacrificing charging speed.R-411 Auto-ID Car Charger 2.4A

  • Sleek and Convenient

Ultra-compact design gives R-411 Auto-ID Car-Charger 2.4A a low profile while in use.

  • Advanced Tech

Featured with advanced Tech Systems provides surge protection, temperature control and more advanced features to ensure total protection for you and your devices.R-411 Auto-ID Car Charger 2.4A

  • Easy Access

This charger takes up only as much space as it needs and not a millimeter more, allowing you to access other dashboard functions with ease.R-411 Auto-ID Car Charger 2.4A


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