R-360 Flexible Wireless Neckband Earphones


Hi-Fi stereo sound: R-360 enables its listeners to experience the high-quality reproduction of sound with less distortion and noise production. It provides the heavenly sound experience that every audiophile seeks for.


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R-360 Flexible Wireless Neckband Earphones

  • Hello, Fi sound system sound:

R-360 allows its audience to experience great sound multiplication with minimal twisting and ruckus generation. It provides the exceptional sound quality that every audiophile desires.R-360 Flexible Wireless Neckband Earphones

  • Bass with heft:

R-360 Flexible Wireless Neckband Earphones features a heavy bass impact for a serious, active, gritty, grating, and thunderous sound experience. These are perfect for stoners and fans of popular music.


  • a long-lasting battery

With its long-lasting battery, the R-360 is your ideal companion for extended workouts or long trips.R-360 Flexible Wireless Neckband Earphones


  • Plan for ergonomics:

The R-360’s modules are designed in an ergonomic way to avoid inflicting hearing damage while providing the most heavy bass sound insight possible.

  • Adaptable collar:

R-360’s versatility allows consumers to modify the neck region. You can get R-360 without worrying about whether or not it will fit in your large neck area.R-360 Flexible Wireless Neckband Earphones


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