R-230 Free Style Wireless Headset

  • Speaker with a lot of energy
  • Massive BatteryR-230 Free Style Wireless Headset
  • Sound system (without hands) Sound system (without hands) Sound system (without hands) Sound system (
    Pairing in a hurry.
  • Ergonomics of HD Microphone Design
  • The flawlessly clear sound of the R-230 Appropriate for Both Ears leads to an open to wearing experience for both the left and right ear, regardless of whether you are used to wearing in one ear.R-230 Free Style Wireless Headset
  • Because of its light weight, it may be worn for long periods of time without becoming fatigued, ensuring an open-to-wearing experience.
  • Huge MFB Button that allows you to accurately answer calls and play music without having to look at it or squeeze it.
  • Two-device multi-connectionR-230 Free Style Wireless Headset


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r 230 Pakistan Mobile September 29, 2022 R-230 Free Style Wireless Headset R-230 Free Style Wireless Head...