Quick Charge 6.2A Car Charger



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Quick Charge 6.2A Car ChargerQuick Charge 6.2A Car Charger

  • Three USB 2.0 ports
    If you’re planning an outing, or in any case, driving to work or a gathering with family or friends, these long periods crammed in a vehicle can be unpleasant enough without people fighting over the two or three charging ports you want to share.
  • Divert an immovable battle for control of the USB ports of this Car Charger, which has not two, but three! That is a plethora of ports! of Quick Charge 6.2A Car Charger.
  • Rapid Charge 3.0Quick Charge 6.2A Car Charger

It doesn’t stop there; the exceptional yield of 6.2A, combined with Qualcomm 3.0 innovation, allows charging to occur faster than ever before! The disturbing, fighting, and combating has come to an end thanks to this Car Charger! There is no need to burn through anything.

  • Type-C cable is included.
    Another useful extra is the included 100cm Type-C Cable with quick charging support.Quick Charge 6.2A Car Charger


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