Prism Multimedia Sound System

  • Powerful Sound

Prism 2.1 Multimedia Sound System

The Crystal 2.1 Multimedia Sound System delivers a powerful audio experience. Whether you’re listening to music, watching an action film, or playing your favourite PC game, this 2.1 framework immerses you in crisp sound and a thunderous foundation. You can hear and feel an earth-shattering sound.

Prism 2.1 Multimedia Sound System

  • All Controls At Your Fingertips

Easily access the subwoofer’s power, volume, bass, USB port, and SD card slot. If the speaker system is turned off, a remote is included so you can still have access to all controls without being in close proximity to the speaker.

Prism 2.1 Multimedia Sound System

  • Remote Control Technology

Ropes are a vestige of the past. This speaker has remote control capabilities, so you can connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to it and start listening!


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