Mini External Power BankMini External Power Bank

  • The World’s Tiniest Power Bank
    Don’t be fooled by the Mini External Power Bank MI-036’s name or size! Given its small size, this compact Power Bank provides a perplexing amount of juice for your gadgets.
  • It is in a sense more modest than your phone, and it can be conveyed anywhere with incredible ease.Purchase the world’s smallest Power Bank now and avoid the hassle of transporting a large, awkward power bank as well as the problem of running out of battery in the middle of a crisis.Mini External Power Bank
  • Inherited Cables
    Durably constructed with smart highlights, the Mini External Power Bank MI-036 comes standard with an inherent Lightning, Type-C, and Micro USB connector to free you from charging hassles. No problem assuming you forgot to charge your phone.Mini External Power Bank


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