libra Bt Chargeable Speaker


libra Bt Chargeable Speaker

Weight 0.50 Kg
Bluetooth Supported
Rechargeable Battery Yes
Play time 1 Hour
T/F CARD Supported
USB CARD Supported
FM radio Yes
light weight and portable Yes
AUX Input No
Mic Technology No
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libra Bt Chargeable Speaker

  • LIBRA is a small remote speaker

    libra Bt Chargeable Speaker
    libra Bt Chargeable Speaker

When it comes to speakers and musical instruments, Audionic is the first name that comes to mind.

All of this is due to the fact that their multiple devices always do well in the market. Audionic has had a positive impact on melodic devices and has a significant market share.

This time, Audionic introduces a new exterior remote speaker send-off. The name LIBRA is displayed on this exterior remote speaker.

Audionic is usually associated with anything fresh and different. Libra is a unique portable speaker because of its small size. It can be taken anywhere. Your time will be made even better by a wise and practical speaker.

It’s unique in terms of size, form, and the number of elements it contains. Libra is 3 inches in diameter and maybe carried and placed anywhere. Libra is a sign that is well-suited to travel and is also suitable for more modest social gatherings.

libra Bt Chargeable Speaker
libra Bt Chargeable Speaker

It has incredible sound quality and sounds fantastic. Make your tedious planning interesting and exciting. It also contains Blue-tune. It has a battery that is powered by a battery. It has a one-hour recess.

Libra is lightweight and versatile, so you can take it with you everywhere you go and make the most of your limited time. It contains T/F and a USB card, so you can play whatever you want.

libra Bt Chargeable Speaker
libra Bt Chargeable Speaker

Along these lines, you will also receive the FM option, allowing you to watch your favorite show whenever and wherever you choose.


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