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  • Sound

SPACE makes reasonable embellishments, and their inventory includes a variety of earphones.

The SPACEIcon Prestige Headphones are an on-ear wired earphone plan.

The 3.5mm jack can be inserted into the AUX port, which is common in many devices.

The link also includes a microphone, allowing users to answer calls while listening to music.

The sound drivers are 40mm in diameter, providing more than enough kick to your music.

The earcups are fitted onto turns so that they are comfortable with whatever head they are worn on.

The headband has sliders on it, allowing the client to adjust the size as well.Icon Prestige Headphones

  • Sound Control

The sound is extremely even, and the size and goal are extremely large. The Icon Prestige Headphones are truly one-of-a-kind – a gift to audiophiles everywhere.

  • Easily Adjustable for Optimal Grip

Because the earphones are adaptable, you can adjust them for the best level of comfort and grasp.

  • Mic in Line

An inline amplifier allows for easy switching between music and phone calls.Icon Prestige Headphones


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