The product details of  FASTER FC-TP3 YOU USB CableFASTER FC-TP3 YOU USB Cable

100 % brand FC-TP3
1 metre long link

2.1A Yield

Charging is quite quick

Soft to the touch

Resistance to Winding

Transmission is quick.FASTER FC-TP3 YOU USB Cable

Quicker and more compatible FASTER FC-TP3 YOU USB CABLE-ANDROID is available at the best price in Pakistan. ANDROID can be purchased online in Pakistan at the lowest prices with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from Faster Locally.

Faster is a company you can trust if you keep item quality in mind. Great Products ensure that you have an experience that is incomparable and unequalled anywhere in the world.

Quicker fulfils that promise by supplying you with the best innovation faster and at a fair price. With speedy transportation around Pakistan and money-down assistance near to home,FASTER FC-TP3 YOU USB Cable


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FCTP3 Pakistan Mobile October 4, 2022 FASTER FC-TP3 YOU USB Cable FASTER FC-TP3 YOU USB Cable