Encore Deluxe HeadphonesEncore Deluxe Headphones

  • Superior Audio
    It wasn’t an option to second-guess the sound quality. As a result, we created the Encore Deluxe Headphones. Regardless of price, the Headphones maintain the dependability of sound.
  • An inline receiver allows you to easily switch between music and calls, making your life easier. Adjustable for a better grip.
    The Reprise Deluxe Headphones are movable and turnable.Encore Deluxe Headphones
  • You can move them around your head for a more comfortable grasp while also making capacity simpler. More colours, more possibilities.
  • Available in five chic colours – black, blue, red, and white – that will undoubtedly turn heads. Select the one that best meets your needs.Encore Deluxe Headphones


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