Delta Pro Gaming Earphones Series


Delta Pro Gaming Earphones Series

Technical Specs

Driver Unit ɸ 10mm
Impedance 16Ω Ohms
Frequency 20-20kHz
Sensitivity 95dB ± 3dB
Cord Length 120cm
Audio Jack 3.5mm
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Delta Pro Gaming Earphones SeriesDelta Pro Gaming Earphones Series

  • Sound that is perfectly balanced and unrivaled

The Delta Pro Gaming Earphones DL-51 are specifically designed to infuse excitement into your gaming meetings. Its outstanding acoustic component enhances each extreme and distant growth, making it easier for you to stay aware of the foe hazards at each stage.

  • Microphone is built-in and detachable

Why miss out on any goal when you can hear everything clearly? The underlying amplifier of the Delta Pro Gaming Earphones DL-51 is of high quality, allowing for reliable communication with various colleagues. Furthermore, the Earphones’ complimentary separable amplifier keeps you covered from all sides, ensuring that you never miss out on a commendable open door.Delta Pro Gaming Earphones Series

  • Ergonomic Design That Fits Your Ears

The Delta Pro Gaming Earphones DL-51 are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable, enjoyable, and mesmerising client experience. Gone are the days when you had to make do with free, uncomfortable headphones that kept falling out of your ears after a long period of use.

  • You Have Controls Right At Your Fingertips

The Delta Pro Gaming Earphones DL-51 come equipped with a high level remote, giving you full control over volume and responding to approaching calls without interrupting your gaming emanation.Delta Pro Gaming Earphones Series


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