ChargeSync Fabric Type-C Cable


Charge And Sync
Combine the function of data sync and 2.4A rapid speed charging with the ChargeSync Fabric Type-C Cable [CE-454].

Fashion-Forward Design
The ChargeSync Fabric Cables feature an appealingly trendy design with their denim-like coating.

Enhanced Durability
The cable’s stiff, wear and tear, resistant fiber increases its durability. The internal components are built to last, charger after charge.

Quick Charge Supported
Low quality charging cables can reduce charging speeds substantially. Good news that the ChargeSync Fabric Type-C Cable [CE-454] supports Qualcomm 3.0 quick charging when connected to fast chargers, ensuring maximum charging speeds.

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ChargeSync Fabric Type-C Cable

  • Charge And Sync

The ChargeSync Fabric Type-C Cable  combines data sync and 2.4A quick charging functionality.ChargeSync Fabric Type-C Cable

  • Fashion-Forward Design

With their denim-like coating, the ChargeSync Fabric Cables have an appealingly modern look.ChargeSync Fabric Type-C Cable

  • Enhanced Durability

The cable’s robust, wear-resistant strand adds to its long-term reliability. Charger after charge, the internal components are built to last.

  • Quick Charge Supported

Charging speeds can be significantly slowed by using low-quality charging cables. When connected to fast chargers, the Charge Type-C Cable  supports Qualcomm 3.0 rapid charging, assuring maximum charging speeds.ChargeSync Fabric Type-C Cable


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