ChargeSync Braided Type-C Cable


Durable Design

No more bobbling around with cables that continue breaking! All you’ll require is this one cable to sync and charge your Type-C supported gadgets.

Sturdy And Effective

A sturdy braided-nylon sleeve shields the cable from twisting and tangling. Joined with its multi-layered development and wide tinned copper wires, the cable conveys viable charging, vigorous durability, and anticipates electromagnetic obstruction.

Pleasant Looks and Touches

The Braided Type-C Cable sports a perfect, present day plan with a wonderfully finished interlaced nylon sleeve.

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ChargeSync Braided Type-C Cable

  • Durable Design

There will be no more stumbling around with cords that keep breaking! To sync and charge your ChargeSync Braided Type-C CableĀ  compatible devices, all you’ll need is this one cable.ChargeSync Braided Type-C Cable

  • Sturdy And Effectivea

The cable is protected from twisting and tangling by a strong braided nylon sheath. The cable’s multi-layered design and large tinned copper wires ensure effective charging, long endurance, and resistance to electromagnetic interference.ChargeSync Braided Type-C Cable

  • Pleasant Looks and Touches

With a beautifully completed interwoven nylon sleeve, the Braided Type-C Cable has a flawless, modern plan.ChargeSync Braided Type-C Cable


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