Weight 0.13 kg
Built-in Bluetooth yes
Detachable Neckband yes
Handsfree Call yes
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Input Power 5mw
Battery 55mAh
BatteryType LITHIUM
Microphone Sensitivity 42db
Impedence 16ohms
Sensitivity 97 Dm
Frequency Response 2.4-2.48ghz
Silicon Eartips 3 sizes
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Audionic introduces the A-750, a new Airbeats model. It’s a Bluetooth Neckband with a remote that makes your life easier. The new technology is designed to deliver high-end premium effects with exceptional sound quality.

The Airbeats A-750 provides high-quality remote spilling for the best sound experience. It features Bluetooth, so you may pair it with any song, FM station, or anything else you want to enjoy.

Because it is remote, Bluetooth Neckband Headphones are ideal for well-being preparation, sports, and exercise center activities.

Simply slip this gadget on your neck and you are ready to go to the office, travel, drive, or anywhere else you can use it while doing any wellness movement.

Essentially, the strategy has an amazing attraction that assures clients that they won’t have to worry about their gadgets.

We’re here to create a device that matches your specific needs. The Airbeats A-750 sports an integrated microphone that allows you to seamlessly transition from standing by listening to music to taking a hands-free call from anywhere.

So, in essence, this is a sophisticated arrangement because it contains a plethora of features that make your life more intelligent and simpler.

This Bluetooth necklace with a remote is all you need to stay a connected day in and day out. It offers an outstanding sound that makes your voice heard, as well as an elegant appearance and a variety of shadings that deeply satisfy you.

In essence, this is a one-gadget solution for all of your music, calls, news, and notifications.


The Bluetooth version of the Airbeats A-750 is 4.2. It has a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 55 Mah.

The Air-beats A-750’s recurrence range is 2.4-2.48 GHz.

The maximum input power is 5MW. Mouthpiece sensitivity is 97 DM, impedance is 16 OHMS, and mouthpiece awareness is 42 dB. These are the Airbeats A-750 remote accessory determined in this manner.

As a result, the device is simple to transport, works wonders with excellent sound quality, and is meant to make your life easier.

It features a modernized contact that gives you the luxury sensation while remaining extraordinary, making it a completely recommended item to our clients.



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