A1 Wireless Headset


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A1 Wireless HeadsetHS A1 B Pakistan Mobile January 25, 2023 A1 Wireless Headset

When you open the cover, the following words appear naturally:

When you open the upper cover, the headset will turn on for matching.

Simple access to your headset:

Double taps to quickly switch between capacities. Wearable without putting pressure on the skin. Use it whenever you need it.

To get new encounters, simply tap your fingertips:A1 Wireless HeadsetA1 Wireless Headset

Contact your fingertips to play music, make a phone call, speak with your right hand, and other functions. Mitigating and pursuing without pressure in order to participate in the innovation full keen insight.

Display the headphone power:

It is possible to display battery power in the iOS framework and some Android frameworks.

Long press for two seconds to summon Al’s voice assistant:

A1 Wireless Headset Long press for two seconds to activate a voice aide, driving call, course route, music, and so on, allowing you to focus on driving.

Standing by, listening to music, planning a route, and taking a call should all be possible with a headphone.

Fully compatible with iOS and Android:

Bluetooth 5.0 technology is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as cell phones, PCs, and tablets.

Contact with savvy is right at your fingertips:

Whether you’re talking or listening to music, you can undoubtedly make contact with it with your fingers and work it without difficulty.A1 Wireless Headset


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