• Carry Partner Airbeats A-800 on a regular basis.

Do you genuinely believe it is insufficient, and you require assistance with your regular convey? We have something that will give you an outstanding appearance as well as a uniqueness in their own highlights.

All you need is an extra bass to join in on your tracks and make your time even more enjoyable.
The Airbeats A-800 is a top-of-the-line sound system jewellery. A necklace is tangle-free, comfortable to wear, and sweat proof, implying something more than meets the eye.

Now you may listen to your music while working out or, in any case, running or strolling, because who cares about sweating when you have Audionic airbeats A-800.

Simply pop it in your ears and you’re ready to go, especially because it contains added bass that will fill your heart with joy.



  • Smart Features of A-800 NECKBAND

The highlights don’t stop there for the time being. Your airbeats will be more on the spot and consistent if you wear appealing jewellery. It also features a lightning marking and has an 18-hour play and chat time.

Bluetooth is an excellent option, so there’s no need to be concerned. Simply connect with your Bluetooth and listen to our favourite tracks or make a call. 2 hours of energising time is recommended.

The maximum capacity of a headphone battery is 200 mAh. It also comes with two more sets of silicon tips in varying sizes: large, medium, and small.

  • Looks with Intelligence

With hands-free calls, call alerts, and a volume control button, a comprehensive bundle provides you the much-anticipated look.

If you’re wearing an Audionic airbeats A-800 around your neck, your phone won’t need anything. In addition, the concept is all intriguing and perfectly suited to your ears.





  • Magnetic Neckband                Yes
  • Vibration alerts                        Yes
  • TF Card                                      Supported
  • Extra bass                                  Yes
  • Play/Talk time                          5-6 hours
  • Tangle Free                                Yes
  • Light Indicator                          Yes
  • Bluetooth Version                     5
  • Bluetune Range                         10m
  • Speaker Unit                               10mm
  • Earphone battery                       200 mAh
  • Charging Time                            Up to 2 hours
  • Control button                             Yes
  • Impedance                                    32 ohms
  • Silicon Eartips                              (Extra 2 pairs included)
  • Warranty                                       1 year warranty


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