Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB

Infinix Smart 3 2-16Gb

Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB

Released January 2019
Display 6.2 inches

Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB was released in April of this year. This is the Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB Plus’s basic phone, and it has a few amazing features that we’ll go over right now. Despite the fact that this phone is similar to its variant, it is more of a regular rendition because to its low memory and display.

The back cover can be removed to reveal the phone’s inner workings, which include a non-removable battery, a dedicated SD card slot, and double nano-Sim slots.

For the most part, the phone is made of high-quality plastic that has a gleaming, clean appearance. The back is smooth and smooth, providing a secure grip. The phone is roughly 148 grammes in weight, which makes it seem light and airy. In the hands, it feels fantastic and secure.

The plan isn’t updated or rich, and you can get similar ones in other phones, but it’s certainly welcoming and lovely to look at with a smooth surface.

The presentation is normally measured at 5.5 creeps, which is plenty for you to have a trouble-free adventure of surveying your substance. It’s certainly less competitive, but this isn’t a major disadvantage because there are so many different phones of comparable size.

The phone’s presentation isn’t the most prominent feature. It isn’t improved in any way and gives you a standard presentation with almost no stammer.

The 3050 mAh battery isn’t ideal in today’s fast-paced world, and it definitely won’t be enough for some people who require consistent use, but for those who only require a phone for basic tasks, it appears to be adequate.

Infinix Smart 3 2-16Gb

Infinix versatile is becoming increasingly well-known in Pakistan as a result of its diverse range of cell phones catering to a wide range of demographics. 

It began as a small endeavour, but it has grown to become one of the most recognisable brands in the industry over time. 

Infinix versatile, on the other hand, was flawlessly planned out due to its cutting-edge innovation and stylish assembly. Every one of its models is well-designed and appealing, and as a result, it is gaining a foothold in the hearts of cell phone devotees. 

Because of its incredible processor, memory, and stunning camera, its new Infinix Hot series has been a huge hit in Pakistan, especially among gamers and TikTok users. 

Infinix has received a lot of praise from people who are concerned about cameras on smart phones. 

For repairing purpose Infinx company also gave it’s services under the name carlcare.

For customer both choices are present company services or local market both has its own flaws. 

Pakistan mobile serves for both but we clearly mentioned the flaws for both.

Local market has issue with authenticity of parts and company has time issue. it might take 3 days to 5 days for repairing. So it’s now up to customer which side they take.

Display & Screens for Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB
Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB touch screen and lcd Price in Pakistan
LCD With Touch Screen

Local Price


Company Price

itel A23 Front Glass
Front Glass Lens for Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB

Local Price


LCD with Touch Screen it additionally have front glass with it. However,on the off chance that a client definitely disapprove of Front Glass.Local Market has choice with it.Company has LCD Price of Rs.3800 and Local market Price is Rs.2900. Furthermore, front glass Price is Rs.450 in Local market. Pakistan Mobile Gave Both Services. Its LCD Size is 6.95 Inches  and Resolution is 720 x 1520 Pixels (~271 PPI).

Parts and Accessories
Main Board for Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB

16 Gb Main Board is available by only the company which Price  is Rs,8850.

Company Price

Infinix Hot 10 Battery

Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB Battery has an capacity of 3050 mAh. It is provided by both the local market and the company. Its Company Price is Rs,1840 and Local Price is Rs,1200.

Local Price


Company Price

Rs, 1170
Hot 7(16+1) Rear main camera
Front Camera

Front Camera of this mobile has an ability of 16 MP, Video ([email protected])  . It is available in only the Company. Its price is Rs,620.

Company Price

: Infinix Smart 3 (1+16) Front Camera
Rear Main Camera

Main Camera of this mobile has an ability of Dual Camera: 13 MP, f/1.8, PDAF + 2 MP, autofocus, LED flash  . It is also provided by only the Company which Price is Rs,1210.

Company Price

Speaker for Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB

Speaker is provided by both the local Market and the company. Its company price is Rs,80 and its local price is Rs,80.

Local Price


Company Price

Infinix Hot 11(4+128) Fingerprint Sensor
Fingerprint Module

Fingerprint  is provided by both the local Market and the company. Its company price is Rs,420 and its local price is Rs,350.

Local Price


Company Price

Rs, 420

Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB  Fast Charging has Cable 18W Universal Data Cables Charge. High quality charger for Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB with good design ,perfect charging, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The charger of this device is provided by both the local market and the company. Its local price is Rs,350 and its company price is Rs,330.

Local Price

Rs ,350

Company Price

usb Pakistan Mobile January 25, 2023 Infinix Smart 3 1-16GB
USB Cabble
USB Cable

USB Cable of IInfinix Smart 3 1-16GB  is provided by both the local market and the company. The local market price is Rs,100 and the company price is Rs,120.

Local Price

Rs ,100

Company Price


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